Bible Remixed
Course and Workshop Topics


The following topics are a sample of workshops and courses provided by Sylvia Keesmaat. If you would like to invite Sylvia to speak to your community, contact information is provided below.

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  • A Life-Giving Story: How to Read the Bible (a survey of the whole biblical story) -offered fall 2021

  • Reading the Bible from the Margins: Readings from Below - offered Advent 2021

  • Wine, Women and Song: Reading the Gospel of Luke - offered Epiphany 2022

  • Eco-Anxiety and Biblical Wisdom: Torn Between Grief and Hope - offered Lent 2022

  • Women in the Bible: Resisting the Powerful

  • Reading Revelation with Hope

  • Reading Matthew: Odd Kingdom, Radical Prophet, Unlikely People

  • God’s People Praying: Reading the Psalms

  • The Way to the Cross in the Gospel of John

  • Jesus, the Kingdom and the Cross

  • Is Jesus Crazy? Making Sense of the Beatitudes

  • Who's Afraid of the Old Testament God? Undermining the Myth of the God of Judgement

  • Welcoming the Stranger: Hospitality in the Biblical Story

  • Land, Food and Justice in the Biblical Story

  • What Did He Just Say? An Introduction to the Apostle Paul

  • Living as Earth Creatures: Hope in the Face of Climate Catastrophe

  • On Earth as in Heaven? A Biblical Kingdom Vision