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Reading Paul in the Shadow of Empire

a six-week fall zoom course

aught by

Sylvia Keesmaat

Sept-Oct 2023
(exact dates TBD)

Dedication of Paul and Barnabas-Frank Wesley-large.jpg
Dedication of Paul and Barnabas by Frank Wesley
Beautiful language,
oppressive commands.
How do we read
this passionate, vehement,
ancient follower of Jesus?

How can we understand Paul,
loved by so many,
and disliked by so many?

Does it help
if we read differently?

Not from positions of power
or places of privilege,
But rather by entering into the struggles
of those early Christian communities,
the enslaved, the poor,
those who put their only hope
in a crucified Messiah?

And can it be
that the struggles
of an apostle who followed Jesus
so long ago,
will fire our imaginations
with a vision of newness today?

Come and meet Paul
in a way you've never met him before.


Pay what you can.

Suggested amounts:  $150 (full fee)                 
                                        $ 100(reduced fee)
                                         $ 50 (discounted fee)

It is also possible to have your course fees covered by our scholarship fund.

Sept - Oct 2023,

dates TBD

 via zoom*
*each session will be recorded for those who cannot make the classes

This course  is for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the apostle Paul and how his writings speak to our current times .  All are welcome, regardless of denominational or religious affiliation. 

Course Format and Requirements

Each class will run on zoom for two hours with a 5 minute break half-way through. Although the bulk of the class will consist of Sylvia teaching, participants will also be able to post questions and points for discussion in the chat which Sylvia will monitor and answer. Powerpoint will be used periodically to show biblical texts and illustrations.


Each class will be recorded. Students who miss a class can request a link to watch the recording.  Registrants can also follow the entire course through the recordings. The recordings will not be posted in any other context.


There are no assignments and no required reading for this course, although suggestions for further reading will be made as the course progresses.

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