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Reading the Bible from the Margins:
Stories from Below

an advent course by

Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat
with the Rt. Rev. Andrew Asbil, Bishop of Toronto


The biblical story is unexpectedly shaped by those at the margins: women, foreigners, the powerless. What if these stories are actually the centre of the story? What do they reveal about how we live out of this story today?
Previously taught courses
are offered on a
Pay What You Can basis.

Suggested amounts:
$100 (full)
$75 (reduced)
$40 (discounted)

You may also have your full costs covered by
our scholarship fund.
This course was taught
in Advent 2022

via Zoom

Recordings, with an additional short introduction
are available.

To register for this course send an email to
with "Margins Course"
in the subject line.

This course is for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the Bible. All are welcome, regardless of denominational or religious affiliation. No prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary.
Course Format and Requirements
Each video contains one class session. Each session is a unique format of  Dr. Keesmaat teaching with framing reflections by Bishop Asbil.   Powerpoint is used periodically to show biblical texts and illustrations. Each class runs for two hours with a 5 minute break half-way through.

An email will be sent to those who register to watch this course. This email will contain a link to all the classes, as well as materials that are mentioned in the classes.

There are no assignments and no required reading for this course, although suggestions for further reading will be made as the course progresses.
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